Free League Publishing Expands Into Digital Nexus With Demiplane

December 20, 2021 by fcostin

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Personally, immersing myself in Free League Publishing titles has been a wonderful experience. Diving into the dark world of Vaesen as I explore new myths and folklore, placing my hobbit-feet on the ground and into my own Tolkein-based adventure in The One Ring. Reading about these worlds, developing on each page - rich with story, lore and creativity: all of which inspire me to want to get stuck into adventurous hijinks and exploration.

Free League Publishing has announced their collaboration with Demiplane, bringing the pages of many loved RPGs, such as ALIEN The Roleplaying Game, Vaesen, Mutant: Year Zero and many other Free League titles to the digital, with Free League Nexus.

Free League Nexus Announcement Trailer // Demiplane

Myself, I love burying myself into a hardback book. But being able to access my chosen Free League worlds digitally, is mighty convenient. And will certainly bring in a lot of new players! Having easier access to everything in one space, such as a Digital Reader, Games Rules, Character Builder, and customisable character sheets. This would be perfect for quick reference for me when learning about the world and its inhabitants as I am polishing off my character build.

If you have ever had any problems getting a group together, there will be a social space built-in, for players worldwide to connect and matchmake into their own campaign. Even by video chat!

Demiplane - Nexus - Free League - OnTableTop

Free League Nexus // Free League Publishing & Demiplane

Joining Pathfinder Nexus and World of Darkness Nexus over at Demiplane, and opening up brand new avenues for their gamers, Tomas Härenstam, CEO of Free League Publishing, spoke enthusiastically about bringing tabletop gamers more options when tapping into their RPGS, providing more tools to make the process more enjoyable and easier for all:

"Tabletop gaming and its communities have been moving online for years, and we want our games to be where gamers are. Free League Nexus on Demiplane is another major step for us in this direction. We don't want gamers to choose between playing online or at a physical table– Free League Nexus gives them tools to enhance the experience for both".

Free League Nexus will be heading over to our digital devices sometime in 2022, but if this is something you are interested in, be sure to head over to the official Demiplane website to gain updates on the progression of the digital medium for all things Free League. There will be an Early Access phase available for players to get in some feedback to improve the system and help mould the toolset for users on the official launch. So be sure to sign up and get involved if you are keen on diving deeper into the digital with Free League and Demiplane.

What do you think about the upcoming Free League Nexus?

"If you have ever had any problems getting a group together, there will be a social space built-in, for players worldwide to connect and matchmake into their own campaign..."

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