Furhaven: A 5E Adventure For Younglings & Beginners

February 23, 2022 by fcostin

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Do you want to get your little ones immersed in the excitement of Role Playing, but cannot get them to connect with 5e? FatesEnd & Kimbolt Creations is up on Kickstarter with a world to kick off RPG adventures. Furhaven is up on Kickstarter, providing a beginner-friendly RPG in the 5e setting across the Animal World of Aloria.

Furhaven Trailer // FatesEnd

Aloria is a place of mystery and danger, where characters that are as cute as a button find themselves undergoing some engaging adventures. Driven by the passion to protect their loved ones and communities from peril, all encompassed in the 5e setting - Furhaven.

The setting of Furhaven is wide, containing quirky characters and marvellous monsters to meet and engage with. The campaign book will provide rulesets, settings and character creation whilst equipping adventurers with adventures to depart on, on behalf of the Furs.

Furhaven Adventure Box -Furhaven

Furhaven Adventure Box // Furhaven

In addition to the campaign book, FatesEnd have provided a boxed adventure that has been designed specifically for young RPGers. Whether it be their first venture into a roleplaying world or a newbie to the cause. Players will be taken through each phase of 5e step-by-step as they are taken through mysteries and adventures through FurHaven - without having to pick up the book. If this is your first adventure with the kids - here would be a wonderful place to start as an introductory way into 5e.

Characters - Furhaven

Characters // Furhaven

Did somebody say miniatures? To help the visual get across to a younger audience, FatesEnd has provided a stack of STL files of 35 characters who live in the world of Aloria. Or simply for those who have a love of anthropomorphic animals and want to add them to their digital library. It's like they know there are people like me and Ben out there... These miniatures are still in production - but there is a promise to have them delivered by October 2022.

The campaign is massive! Full of Stretch Goals for DM Screens, several different pledges depending if you want to play digitally, physically, with or without a rulebook, merchant's tiers and a way to embed your own pet into the game with the prestigious Legendary Companion tier.

If you are keen on getting some younger adventurers involved in RPG night, and want to share in the creativity that 5e has to offer - take a look at Furhaven! It stands as a wonderful introduction to RPG through visuals for younger eyes, where word-heavy books cannot do the trick.

There are 29 days on the clock, being that this is the first day the campaign is live and already half way funded - I can expect to see Furhaven succeeding on the Crowd Funding platform.

What do you think of Furhaven?

"The setting of Furhaven is wide, containing quirky characters and marvellous monsters to meet and engage with..."

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