Explore The Garden Of The Giants In New Whimsical Kickstarter RPG

May 7, 2021 by fcostin

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Some of my favourite memories of childhood adventures to which I was fascinated beyond belief, followed the stories of anthropomorphic creatures, going on whirlwind adventures. Nothing much has changed in all fairness, just a little more gore and the adorable woodland creatures will now wield extra brutal weaponry. Nobody messes with a street fox.

Garden Of The Giants // Ethan Hudgens

But films and books such as Watership Down, The Rescuers Down Under, The Wind in the Willows - these are all adventures I wished I could go on myself. And rightly so, still do! Currently on Kickstarter is the Garden of the Giants, a role-playing adventure that has been inspired by children's tales - a perfect excuse for myself to enrol my nieces into a new journey comparable to the books they love.

In the game, players will be taking the role of Mice, who are keen to explore the magical garden that has been abandoned by its original creators. This mystical and magical garden is home to many a whimsical character, with a world rich in opportunity that spans far and wide across the garden's fences.

Garden Of The Giants // Ethan Hudgens

It is not all whimsy and happiness in the garden, there are terrors lurking and in this role-playing adventure, by the name of The Crown. As much as I would love to live out my happy days in this garden full of wonders, the mice want to get home and are going to need to work closely understanding these fiends to return safely back to their own comforts.

Garden Of The Giants // Ethan Hudgens

Garden of the Giants Kickstarter provides fourteen different scenarios to play through with twenty different locations (plots) for your little mice crew to explore. What is incredibly impressive, is that there is the ability to modify or build your own plots to add a personal stamp to the whimsical experience.

This truly is an experience that would accompany children into enjoying role-play systems and immersing themselves in an adventure full of corruption, treasures and delight.

Garden Of TheGiants // Ethan Hudgens

There is a stretch goal available too! With new plots to unlock in the ever-expanding garden universe.

Garden of the Giants now has 20 days to go and has already been funded, So if you are looking for the next best adventure to embark on with whimsy, heart and creatures aplenty - you should be sure to check out the campaign.

What is your favourite story involving anthropomorphic creatures? 

"players will be taking the role of Mice, who are keen to explore the magical garden that has been abandoned by its original creators."

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