Fight As A Guardian In D&Destiny Roleplaying Game Fan Project

August 24, 2021 by brennon

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Velvet Fang has been working away on an awesome fan project which brings together the 5th Edition rules of Dungeons & Dragons and the over-the-top action of the Destiny video games. Dungeons & Destiny features reworked and tweaked mechanics for playing as badass Sci-Fi Guardians!

Dungeons & Destiny Player's Handbook

Dungeons & Destiny Player's Handbook // Velvet Fang

Dungeons & Destiny is very true to the tagline. It really is a re-imagining and tweaking of the 5th Edition rules to fit the Destiny setting. This means that people familiar with 5th Edition will find an easy entry point into the world of Destiny although veterans will also find a lot that is new and different.

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There are full rules available as part of their digital Player's Handbook for making Guardians from a myriad of different races. You can even make characters from backgrounds that would normally find themselves at the wrong end of a gun! They have really dived into the background and lore of Destiny to provide fans with a way to experience everything the video game had to offer on the tabletop.

As well as that, there are full rules for resurrections, firefights with guns and much more. You even get to tweak and change your Ghost companion that follows you into the fighting! Work is also continuing on building new content for Dungeons & Destiny with an Architect's Guide for storytellers, a Bestiary Of The Wilds so you have foes to face and much more.

Finally, Velvet Fang has also put together the Origins Stories collection. This is a set of adventures that can be used to introduce new players into the world of Destiny. The focus is on a single Architect playing the role of the Guardian's Ghost whilst the other player takes on the role of a newly awoken character.

I am a big fan of the world of Destiny and I think it's great that a team has taken the care and attention to build up a set of rules for fans to dive into. I am eager to see when everything has received the same degree of polish as the Player's Handbook.

Are you going to be checking out Dungeons & Destiny?

"I think it's great that a team has taken the care and attention to build up a set of rules for fans to dive into..."

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