Expand Your Iron Kingdoms RPG With Borderlands And Beyond

October 13, 2021 by brennon

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Privateer Press is back on Kickstarter with a set of additional supplements and campaigns for you to drop into your Iron Kingdoms: Requiem adventures. Borderlands And Beyond gives you loads of new options for playing this 5E powered exploration of Immoren.

Borderlands And Beyond - Iron Kingdoms RPG

Borderlands And Beyond // Iron Kingdoms RPG

There are three books included as part of this campaign. All of them are available both digitally and physically so everyone is covered there! The first of these books is Borderlands And Beyond which expands your character options in Iron Kingdoms.

Digital GM - Iron Kingdoms RPG

Digital GM // Iron Kingdoms RPG

Within the first book, you'll find five new races, three brand new classes, twenty-five subclasses and a whole host of new backgrounds and adventuring companies. You'll need some hardy folk to watch the untamed lands that lie beyond the borders of civilisation.

The second of the books is the Borderlands Survival Guide which has been designed for use by GMs who want to surprise their players with all manner of new problems to solve.

Paper GM - Iron Kingdoms RPG

Paper GM // Iron Kingdoms RPG

This means new diseases and crippling effects like fear, madness and hostile environments that really test your adventurers. You'll also find an in-world look at the monsters that you might face during your adventures thanks to Alten Ashley. I always like it when roleplaying books add stuff like this in as it makes everything feel that little bit more authentic!

The final book is Shadow Of The Seeker which takes you to the mist-shrouded Ios. You will have to uncover a sinister plot by a corrupted Iosan who has gone from saviour to corrupted power-hungry villain.

You can also add on the Escape The Mindslavers adventure in PDF which has you facing off against the dreaded Cepahlyx! You'll be able to explore a remote Rhulic city and then dive deep into a Cephalyx Hive to put an end to their schemes.

Add-Ons - Iron Kingdoms RPG

Add-Ons // Iron Kingdoms RPG

Work on the different books comes from a variety of authors. Aeryn Rudel, Chris Handley, Quinn Murphy and Orrin Grey have all had a hand in the expanding and continuing adventures you'll be able to experience in the Iron Kingdoms.

If you're interested in the 5th Edition variant of the Iron Kingdoms RPG then you can find out more about it over on their Kickstarter Page. Then, watch this space as the books are going to become available to folks in the near future.

Are you going to be picking up some new books?

"You'll need some hardy folk to watch the untamed lands that lie beyond the borders of civilisation..."

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