Late Pledge Options Open For Vaesen: Mythic Britain & Ireland

February 8, 2022 by brennon

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Free League Publishing's Vaesen: Mythic Britain & Ireland might have wrapped up its Kickstarter but you now have the option to dive in and check out some Late Pledges from the campaign.

Mythic Britain & Ireland - Vaesen

Mythic Britain & Ireland // Vaesen

Mythic Britain & Ireland expand the options for those wanting to dive into some dark, folk-horror mystery solving on the tabletop. Rather than the dark forests of Scandinavia, Mythic Britain & Ireland takes you to the British Isles where you'll delve into more mystical encounters in forests, bogs, across moors and on rain-soaked islands.

  • Information about the British Society, its founders and headquarters.
  • A gazetteer over the sprawling city of London complete with adventure locations and secret societies.
  • A guide to the mythology of Mythic Britain and Ireland, with a score of mythological locations across the islands.
  • A chapter detailing a number of mythical beings, vaesen, with stats, background information, story seeds and variants.
  • Old Meg: A mystery that takes the player characters to Gloucestershire to investigate a slew of gruesome killings and discover an ancient evil.
  • The Llantywyll Incident: A mystery wherein the characters travel to Wales and a mine stricken with strange misfortunes.
  • The Hampstead Group: A mystery in the heart of London, where the characters are invited to an artist’s commune with some very weird habits. well as the Mythic Britain & Ireland book, you can also get your hands on Seasons Of Mystery which provides you with more pre-made adventures.

  • Dance of Death:  The player characters travel to the idyllic springtime countryside of Dalarna in northern Sweden to solve a deadly mystery. Written by Gabrielle DeBourg.
  • Fireheart: Religious fervor runs high in rural Småland as the hottest summer in living memory trigger massive forest fires, crop failure, widespread poverty, and a mass exodus to America. Will the player character uncover what's behind it all – and live to tell the tale? Written by Tomas Härenstam.
  • The Devil on the Moor: Journey west to the windswept autumn moors of Grimsted Lyng on the Danish island of Jylland and investigate a tale of terror where modernity is pitted against the old ways. Written by Andreas Marklund.
  • A Winter’s Tale: The characters travel to the snow-covered forests of Ingria east of the Baltic Sea and are challenged by a mysterious adversary under the glittering winter stars. Written by Kiku Pukk Härenstam.

These adventures have been designed to work with the original Vaesen setting but you'll also find options in there for translating it over to match the British and Irish setting as well.

Vaesen is a stunning roleplaying game that offers up something a bit different for players. Much like Cthulhu, the emphasis is more on investigation and puzzle-solving than simply battling monsters. Unlike Cthulhu though, the monsters in the shadows might not want to outright warp your mind. Sometimes humanity is the real villain.

Mythic Britain & Ireland Map - Vaesen

Mythic Britain & Ireland Map // Vaesen

To be honest, I'd be happy with this. The map by Francesca Baerald is absolutely amazing and I like that Birmingham actually features on the map! This should give you all manner of interesting ideas for your upcoming adventures.

If you missed out, make sure to consider the Late Pledge options by Free League!

"Vaesen is a stunning roleplaying game that offers up something a bit different for players..."

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