MÖRK BORG Goes Futuristic With Upcoming RPG, CY_BORG

October 27, 2021 by brennon

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MÖRK BORG has been quite the hit for Free League and it now returns to the tabletop via Kickstarter (13th November) with a Sci-Fi twist. CY_BORG is ready to drown you in a world of cyberpunk goodness!

Cy_Borg - Free League Publishing

CY_BORG // Free League Publishing

Brought to life by Christian Sahlén and featuring artwork by the stunning Johan Nohr, CY_BORG is ready to immerse you in "a game about climate collapse, out-of-control consumerism, the commodification of personal data, late-stage capitalism, transhumanism and senseless violence."

Much like its Fantasy predecessor, CY_BORG is designed to be rules-light and focus in on the storytelling of the players at the tabletop. It is also relentless, unforgiving and incredibly "metal. Plus, it's packed with new and updated rules that help bring Cyberpunk home.

Cydroids - Cy_Borg

Cydroids // CY_BORG

Players will take on the role of punks and misfits who put themselves on the frontlines, fighting against corporations, police forces, street gangs and even "alien/nano-worshipping cults" (I am intrigued by that one!). All of this takes place within the city of Cy.

Combat - Cy-Borg

Combat // CY_BORG

The core book will feature 160 pages of rules and lore to help you dive into the city of Cy. There is also an introductory scenario to get you going with the game and tables for generating subsequent sessions. You'll find ways to generate missions, NPCs, locations, corporations and cults.

The "countdown mechanic" is back in CY_BORG, tracking the seemingly unstoppable descent into a hellish and oppressive world. Your characters will have to do everything they can to fight against it and maybe make a difference before it all comes crashing down. In CY_BORG this is tracked through "Miserable Headlines" which seems rather apt for our current day and age.

The game is looking beautiful and brutal in equal measure and I think folks are going to get a lot out of this. The game introduces cybernetics, cybertech, hacking and classes like the Shunned Nanomancer, the Burned Hacker and the Renegade Cyberslasher. This is all shaping up to be quite the next step forward for the MÖRK BORG team.

As mentioned above, this roleplaying game is coming to Kickstarter on 13th November so mark the date in your calendars (do people still have those?).

Are you a MÖRK BORG fan looking for your next hit?

"The game is looking beautiful and brutal in equal measure and I think folks are going to get a lot out of this..."

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