Pre-Order Your Books For Pathfinder 2nd Edition

March 9, 2019 by dracs

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It's nearly here, Paizo have announced that the second edition of their popular fantasy roleplaying game Pathfinder will be released on the first of August, this year!

In the meantime, the first series of books for the game have gone up for pre-order.

First, we have the Core Rulebook itself, providing everything GMs and players need to run a game of Pathfinder.

There is also the Bestiary, detailing the many and varied creatures that exist within this world.

Beyond these essentials, Paizo are also releasing the Lost Omens World Guide, letting you explore the world of Pathfinder further.

To help you get started, Paizo will also be releasing two adventures. Hellknight Hill, the first volume of the Age of Ashes, starts a six-part monthly Pathfinder campaign, while The Fall of Plaguestone provides you with a standalone adventure, the debut adventure of Pathfinder Second Edition.

GM Screens, a Character Sheet Pack, Condition Cards, and a Combat Pad have also appeared for pre-order, getting you all set for the game's release.

There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the new edition of Pathfinder and it is good to see it so close to release. I will admit, Pathfinder is a system that I have yet to play, but now this may be my opportunity to give it a go.

Is Pathfinder your favourite system?

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