Prepare to Encounter Dice on Kickstarter

August 23, 2013 by dracs

Pyre Studios have been working on an exciting new range of artistic dice, which they have named the Encounter Dice and have recently announced the date they will be rolling onto Kickstarter.

Encounter Dice Kickstarter

The idea behind these artistic dice is to help DMs to quickly and easily generate whatever it is they might need for their games, with sets tailored around everything from NPC generation to spell casting.

NPC Pack

The idea behind these dice is simple and I know that some people might not like the prospect of using them as they might believe it would take away some of the creative aspects. However, where these might really shine is in creating and tailoring singular adventures really quickly so that you can get playing as soon as possible.

While this might not be as suited to longer campaigns DMs could easily use these to create the basis for single adventures, or even provide them with some inspiration for the next part of their story.

Encounter Dice

The NPC ones might be particularly useful as it is pretty much impossible to predict the way a story can pan out, often forcing a DM to create rules for a character on the fly.

Still, I wouldn't normally be inclined to pick these up myself, but the artwork does show a fair amount of promise.

Encounter Dice Artwork

Combined with the cards which are included in the sets this leaves me interested in seeing what the final product might be like with help from Kickstarter.

Would these be a worth while investment for your gaming sessions?

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