Renegade Games Release Two Free Halloween RPG Scenarios

October 13, 2021 by fcostin

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Being that we are thirteen days into spooky season, publishers far and wide have been encouraging players to head back to particular games systems for the terrors of October. 

Free Content Friday - Image One

Free Content Friday // Renegade Game Studios

Renegade Game Studios have released two new and completely free scenarios in honour of Halloween, with Kids on Brooms and Outbreak: Undead adventures to sink your teeth into this fall.

Whether you are looking for a whimsical and playful exploration or a fearsome survival experience - Renegade has got you this Halloween. 

Kids on Brooms RPG // Renegade Game Studios

Even without an extra free scenario, Kids on Brooms is a fantastic RPG to get stuck into this Halloween. Following kids through their day-to-day studies in potions and divination, avoiding dangers and mysteries that lurk within the school grounds and ride brooms to their heart's content. 

Kids on Brooms takes a ‘Stranger Things’ approach, as players embark on mystery after mystery in a small-town-equivalent environment.

The free scenario provided as part of Spooky Season places players in the middle of an RPG event at the Academy, with costumes, magic and opportunity to discover, furthering in to the adventures of Delacorte. 

Outbreak Undead - Image One

Outbreak: Undead // Renegade Game Studios & Hunter Entertainment

Need a little less whimsy and more gore and blood? Don’t worry, Renegade's got you. Outbreak: Undead places players into a role-playing experience where they will need to endure and survive within a zombie-horror simulation.

Entering a world that has been lost from society, players take the role of one of a very few lucky survivors in a world dominated by flesh-eating undead. It is up to players to choose their path to survival, whether they take the law into their own hands and become a vigilante, or loot, loot, loot to get your hideaway stashed and sorted. How will you survive?

The new free scenario this month for Outbreak: Undead will place players into exploration mode and turning up the heat on survival. Coming up against several unique opponents, promising to “test the limits of your survivor’s psyche and bodies”. If you are looking at having the bejeezus scared out of you this Halloween, this may be the right one for you! 

You can access and download both of these scenarios for free, here on the Renegade Games Store. So if you are looking for some grim role-playing adventures to get scary with - you can download two for free today. 

What download tempts you from Renegade Game Studios?

"Whether you are looking for a whimsical and playful exploration or a fearsome survival experience - Renegade has got you this Halloween..."

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