Roleplay The 90s As Things From The Flood Goes To Pre-Order

March 14, 2019 by dracs

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It's time to leave the 80s behind and enter the 90s (I know, I'm scared too) as Free League Publishing put up for pre-order their sequel game for Tales From The Loop; Things From The Flood.

Once again based upon the retro futuristic art of Simon Stålenhag, Things From The Flood sees you leave the comforting world of childhood behind and updates the setting to the 90s, where the stakes are now much higher. This time, you might not make it out alive.

As well as the core rulebook, Free League have a couple of Things From The Flood extras for pre-order too, including custom dice and a GM screen.

Putting it all together, there is the Krafta Bundle, which includes the rulebook, screen, dice, a map, and the Out of Time hardcover mystery compendium, itself available as a separate pre-order and compatible with both Things From The Flood and Tales From The Loop.

We have talked a lot about Tales From The Loop in the past, and it stands firm as one of Lance's favourite RPG systems. This new approach to the setting has been hotly anticipated and I hope that I will get the chance to explore it myself in the future.

What stories can you come up with for roleplaying in the 90s?

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