Root: The Roleplaying Game Heading To Retail In January 2022

December 10, 2021 by fcostin

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One of my favourite board games, which I am sure is many others out there is Root: A Game of Woodland Might & Right. As players skirmish for control over the vast wilderness with a band of merry animals. Protecting their land against vagabonds and mavericks alike.

Root RPG - Feat

Root: The Roleplaying Game // Magpie Games

Coming in January 2022, published by Magpie Games and in partnership with Leder Games comes Root: The Roleplaying Game. As players step into the shoes as familiar characters from the board game title.

Wherever you choose to take root within the woodlands is completely up to you. You can choose to dwell on the outskirts of the forest, or on the fringe of society. Battling for justice, freedom and money to propel your faction further in the quirky lands of Root.

Quickstart - Image One

Quickstart Rules // Root: The Roleplaying Game

If you did want to dip your head into the Rules before the release, you can download the QuickStart Rules on DriveThruRPG for free!

Where would you place yourself across the trees and dangerous wildlands? Will you be fighting for freedom or are your views tailored to money?

"Wherever you choose to take root within the woodlands is completely up to you..."

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