More Snippets Of The D&D Starter Set Revealed…and Dragons!!!!

June 17, 2014 by brennon

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Dungeons & Dragons is slowly but surely approaching us like a displacer beast stalking through the shadows. The new Starter Set is looking amazing and a few more snippets have been released about what's inside...

Starter Set (Contents)

Starter Set Map

Starter Set (Back)

Not only have they shown off the contents of the adventure module you'll be running your fledgling heroes through but also included the map and indeed the back of the box art so you can see exactly what you get inside. For the price they're asking this is a fairly obvious buy even if you have just a passing interest in Dungeons & Dragons. It could end up as an awesome evening of entertainment!

I love the look of the artwork in this new edition and the character sheets (from what we can see of them) seem to look awesome too. I think it's going to be brilliant heading back into this world again!

Red Dragon

As well as the Starter Set they previewed the massive iconic Red Dragon from their upcoming selection in conjunction with WizKids and also went into detail about the relationship between the two companies. Both them and Gale Force Nine have been working very closely with Wizards of the Coast to get things just right.

All looking pretty cool right!

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