Steal Souls With New Shadowrun RPG Sourcebook

May 17, 2014 by brennon

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The Shadowrun RPG has another sourcebook coming to you and it's titled, interestingly, Stolen Souls. See what you think of this new addition to your book collection...

Shadowrun Stolen Souls

"Stolen Souls introduces a new focus for the Deep Shadows book. They have always focused on a particular subject, giving tactics, game advice, gear, and rules associated with this area, but with Fifth Edition, each Deep Shadows book will focus on a particular type of shadowrun. Stolen Souls focuses on extractions, providing advice on how to successfully carry them out and gear, spells, and other rules to help you get the job done. With plot information and details on one of the extraction hotspots of the world–the corporate haven of Manhattan–Stolen Souls is full of information to rocket your game ahead and send it catapulting through twists and turns that will make your game memorable."

Sounds like this should be an awesome add-on to the increasingly popular game from Catalyst Game Labs. The world has always interested me and it would be cool to start delving into this a bit more I think.

Will you grab this?

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