Sunken Dungeon RPG Dives For Family Adventure & Crafting

April 7, 2020 by avernos

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If you fancy a bit of quality time with the family, or want to encourage some younger children to dip their toes into the hobby then this Kickstarter from AndHeGames could well be the one for you. The third papercraft game from Andrew Millar explores the depths of the ocean floor in a unique roleplaying game for kids of all ages, and is on Kickstarter right now

Sunken Dungeon cover

The Sunken Dungeon is a cut-and-paste, colourable RPG. It's D&D+crayons.  It's a sequel/prequel to the classic colourable RPG, The Cloud Dungeon. Each player cuts out/customizes a character and works with the rest of the group through a choose-your-own-adventure-style story. Make decisions with serious consequences, and horrible, ridiculous things happen.

If you think of the Sunken Dungeon as a co-operative chose your own adventure, mixed with craft time you get the idea of where Andrew is coming from. You start with your crew, or your player characters, grabbing a second-hand set of scuba gear and "borrowing" your parents spare submarine and off you go.

The rules are straight forward and can literally be learned as you play, creativity is key and as you explore your dungeon you make choices that can have consequences find or buy new gear and customise your character as you go. In a very real sense.

sunken characters

Someone gets a new hat, stick it on! Lose a leg? Cut it off! Add colour, create and tell the story with the group your way. One of the things that I'm a huge fan of here is the submarine being used as a base of operations and even something that you fight from.

Once again as a group you'll collectively kit it out and modify it but when I saw the Heads Up Display for the sub I was immediately taken back to my youth and Star Trek Mega Game I used to play. Everyone has a role on the sub and resources and actions have to be used, whether its repairing damage to the hull, firing weapons, or just pumping out the bilges. It gives the game a great narrative feel.

Submarine Battles

While the game is a prequel to The Cloud Dungeon, it stands alone so if you fancy getting involved there are a lot of ways to do it. On his site there are character sheets and other free downloads including a quarantine pack to stave off boredom. You can also pick up the original The Cloud Dungeon and his ExSpelled wizarding school game, for wizards who aren't up to snuff for the prestigious schools.

The Sunken Dungeon will be available as print at home pdf, or published books but in this uncertain time Andrew has done something really inspiring. If you want to back but can't because of finances you can email him and he'll get you a digital copy that you can print for free, he has also made a sponsor tier level, where you buy an extra copy and it goes to someone else, which already has quite a few backers.

So some lucky people will be getting actual print copies. With everything going on it's fantastic to see the producer and gamers reaching out, I'm sure there are plenty of families who could use the distraction for them and their kids right now.

If you're looking for me, you better look under the sea.

"Someone gets a new hat, stick it on! Lose a leg? Cut it off!"

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