Survive The Dark Apocalypse In After The Darkness RPG

February 18, 2022 by fcostin

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The fear to survive post-apocalypse is something we have all considered. Me, I have told my partner that I plan on using the fridge downstairs in the cellar as a hideout. So many of us have tapped into the survival genre, whether that be Fallout: Wasteland Warfare or Apocalypse World.

There is a really unique apocalyptic RPG on Kickstarter, named After the Darkness. Bringing spine-tingling horror, family dynamics and self-serving selfishness. The sun has gone... the world is collapsing and a thick fog covers the horizon. Lurking in the darkness is unknown, however, blood-curdling screams of animals lurk behind the shadows.

After The Darkness -

After The Darkness // Self-Published by Sesan Taru

Players will take the role of a family attempting to survive the harsh world, in hopes to find somewhere safe and warm before the end of times. Being forced outside, players will be plunged into many uncomfortable situations in an attempt to find peace in a rotting world. They will need to survive one whole year, through each dying season.

As the world rots around the family of four, they will be immersed completely in the savage environment. Grasping their map to attempt to eat, drink and rest in the vile atmosphere.

Game Map - After The Darkness

Game Map // After The Darkness

Players will be working against their Stress System, which will cause hardship on players after traumatic experiences. Which will require each member to pull their socks up and recover. That means no Characteristics - just skills and attributes to help the individual character. There's no way to level up, the hardest part is to merely survive and hope to see the sun once more. Just clutch on to that map, and hope to dive into safety.

On the Kickstarter Campaign, players can find two game zines, the core rulebook and an extra zine full of lore and background info to truly immerse themselves into the title.

The Campaign has got 6 days left on the clock and is almost funded! Designed and made my Sesan Taru, who is a teacher, artist and writer who lives in Chile. So if you are interested in the title, be sure to give to campaign a look over.

Do you have what it takes to keep your family alive in After The Darkness? 

"As the world rots around the family of four, they will be immersed completely in the savage environment..."

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