Unleash the Beasts of Iron Kingdoms from the Monsternomicon!

June 13, 2014 by dracs

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It is time to venture further into the lands of the Iron Kingdoms RPG as Privateer Press give us our first look at an upcoming supplement; the Monsternomicon!


The world of Warmachine and Hordes is home to all manner of monstrous creatures that adventurers must face, ranging from horrific undead, such as the Hollowed, to aquatic terror of the Dracodile.



The Monsternomicon serves as a bestiary for all these fantastic creatures, providing you with their background knowledge, stats, where they can be found, and an idea of their temperament and how they will act in the game itself.

Crypt Spider

There are even templates to allow you to convert monsters, letting you build the perfect monster for whatever specific situation your adventuring party might come up against. This opens up options for even more monsters, and will help you to make your own adventures feel unique.

Monsternomicon Worm



The Monsternomicon will be seeing a release in September and is fully compatible with both the Iron Kingdoms RPG and the Unleashed RPG.

It provides gamers with a real wealth of knowledge to draw upon, all backed up with some fantastic artwork. I don't play Iron Kingdoms, but I really want to get my hands on this simply because a lot of these monsters sound really interesting to read about, let alone include in a game.

Do you plan on picking up Privateer Press' Monsternomicon?

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