Vecna Weaves Evil Schemes In New D&D Book + New Core Book Plans

February 14, 2024 by brennon

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Wizards Of The Coast has detailed a new supplement coming to Dungeons & Dragons later this year. Vecna: Eve Of Ruin takes one of the biggest bads from the world of Dungeons & Dragons and throws you up against him in a multiversal battle to try and save all creation from his whims.

Vecna Eve Of Ruin - Dungeons & Dragons

Vecna: Eve Of Ruin // Dungeons & Dragons

Here's some of the background to this particular adventure...

"The notorious lich Vecna is weaving a ritual to eliminate good, obliterate the gods, and subjugate all worlds. To stop Vecna before he remakes the universe, the heroes work with three of the multiverse’s most famous archmages, travel to far-flung locales, and rebuild the legendary Rod of Seven Parts."

That means that you're going to be diving into all manner of different universes covering the Forgotten Realms, Planescape, Spelljammer, Eberron, Ravenloft, Dragonlance and Greyhawk. Why settle with just one universe when you could battle your way across all of them?

The campaign has been designed to cover characters from level ten through to level twenty and features thirty new monsters from all over the multiverse. There is also an extensive dossier on the new legendary allies that you'll be bringing with you on your adventures. You also get a map and everyone loves a map.

New Dungeons & Dragons Core Books

As well as the new book covering Venca's devious plans, there was also news about when the new Core Books for D&D are going to drop. The new Player's Handbook will drop on 17th September and the Dungeon Master's Guide on 12th November. The reportedly huge Monster Manual won't be coming out until 18th February 2025.

It should be noted that nothing is drastically changing with the core rules for Dungeons & Dragons and all of your previous supplements should work with the new core books. There might be some tinkering required in some cases but in general, this is more of a revamp than a massive overhaul.

Will you be taking on Vecna or perhaps waiting for those new Core Books to drop?

"...there was also news about when the new Core Books for D&D are going to drop"

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