Warm Up For PAX With Acquisition Incorporated Series Six

August 29, 2013 by brennon

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Dungeons & Dragons is going to be going down a storm at PAX and no more so than with the Acquisition Inc. Live Game. In the run up to that you might want to check out the current series, number six in fact, of their podcast with Chris Perkins as Dungeon Master.

Acquisition Inc Podcast

In this series they have said goodbye to their previous intern, Aeofel, and welcomed 'V' played by Patrick Rothfuss. If you want to get to know him as a role-player then this series is the one to listen too. He's pretty damn awesome!

This series somewhat passed me by as I wasn't checking the D&D site as often but it's been great to listen to this while I've been working. Lot's of fun and japes already!

It bodes well for the live game!

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