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The Weekender: Jungle Fighting & Journeymen!


Hey guys and welcome to another Weekender! This time around we have actually got a hold of the new Lizardmen models and we are having a look at them! As well as that you might have noticed we have some different jungle fighting coming in the shape of 'Nam Week.

Do you need something for keeping a lookout?


Andy finally takes a look this huge resin terrain feature, from Tabletop Gaming World. Join him as he builds the tower up and gives us a bit of information about the model and some tips on how to tackle such a big project.

Hit and Run Special Rule


Darrel talks about tau in combat…. Wait hang on? Yea looks like it there a tau in combat, how did that happen? well anyway there a bit of war gear that helps him run away that’s called vectored retro-thrusters, they give you the hit and run special rule.

Nid Week – Build: Converting a Carnifex


John breaks out the craft knives and take's on the Hive Mind, making a Carnifex to make the Hive Fleet proud!

Airfix 1:48 Scale releases for 2012


If you're looking for some cool 1:48 scale vehicles for your modern warfare game, then check out some of these offerings coming from Airfix... new for 2012!

Possessed Chaos Marines | What’s In The Box


John has a look at the chaos possessed Marines, moving through this very nice and very convertible set (I used the left over bits to make a very cool chaos sorcerer with wings)

Dark Eldar Fast Attack | First Look


Darrell and Andy look at the fast attack for the Dark Eldar and see what beastly things they can find.

What’s In The Box: Leopold Railway Gun 1/35th Scale | Trumpeter


Unboxing: John and Warren have a look into something a touch more complicated. Trumpeters 1/35th scale Leopold Railway Gun.

The Insider: Army Painter, Highland Tuft


John takes a sneak peek into something being cooked up by The Army Painter

BOW Review: Battlebuild Big Bertha Gun


John has a gander over some artillery from Battlebuild

Nid Week – Painting: Tyranid Warrior


John gets the brushes out once again

Build: Armoured Watchtower


John gets guard duty, So he builds the Armoured Watchtower from Quantum Gothic

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