Airfix 1:48 Scale releases for 2012

January 3, 2012 by beerogre

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If you're looking for some cool 1:48 scale vehicles for your modern warfare game, then check out some of these offerings coming from Airfix... new for 2012!

Here's a few of the models I like the look of...

1:48 scale isn't an exact fit for 28mm, but if you're looking for big vehicles, like tanks. Then the slight difference isn't that noticeable. If you're in the mood for kitbashing some of these models for heroic scale. I think you'll find the results can be quite impressive.

I'm particularly interested in the two new single storey buildings... if the price is right... I'm sure you'll see a lot of them on a gaming table near you soon.

Of course if you're a 15mm gamer, then Airfix has you covered too... just take a look at these bridges in 1:76 (which is about 20mm or thereabouts).

You can check out the entire Airfix 2012 release schedule here.

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