The Chinese and Aussies Sail into Dystopian Wars on Spring Tides

April 16, 2013 by dracs

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This May two new nations are joining the battle for the seas which is Dystopian Wars. Prepare to battle in the Far East and Down Under.

First up we have the much longed for Chinese Federation.

Chinese Federation Naval Battle Group

Chinese Federation Support Group

The Chinese ships have sacrificed speed for durability, being heavily armoured to protect from long range attacks. Much of the design seems inspired by ancient Chinese river barges.

Even more exciting is the announcement of their Floating Fortresses.

Chinese Federation Dreadnought Fortress

Again possibly inspired by historical reports which suggest the Chinese may have had access to literally floating fortresses when fighting on the rivers, these take it about ten steps further, using repulsion engines to float above both land and sea.

Yet the Chinese are not the only ones taking to the seas of Dystopian Wars as the Aussies will also be receiving ships this May.

Australian Naval Battle Group

In Dystopian Wars Australia has become split into two distinct nations; the Dominion of Royal Australia and New Zealand and the Commonwealth of Free Australia (follow this link to find out more).

The Australian fleet was split between these two nations and both have been upgraded by their respective allies, with the Royalist fleet receiving Britannia gunnery and shield tech, while the Commonwealth gets energy based weapons from the Covenant of Antarctica. This fleet set will provide you all the parts you need to represent either of these Australian forces.

So guys, what are your thoughts on these? Do you like the stalwart style of the Chinese? Or do you prefer to play by Aussi Rules?

Thanks to @admiralbiatch1991 for pointing this out to us.

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