The Den Of Imagination Unleashes The Primarchs

December 19, 2013 by brennon

The Den of Imagination has been putting together some amazing projects surrounding the Primarchs of the Horus Heresy for Warhammer 40,000. The most recent project is Horus Lupercal...

Horus Lupercal (Front)

Horus Lupercal (Rear)

As you can see he is one monstrous piece of sculpting awesome and seems to have drawn from some of the great artwork that we've seen of Horus versus The Emperor. It would be awesome to see what he looks like painted up, and since these guys are a painting company I imagine that isn't far away.

Leman Russ


They have also worked on Leman Russ and Perturabo in the past and they both look pretty epic. Leman Russ in particular is quite the awesome Space Viking.

Konrad Cruze

The latest work in progress is for Konrad Cruze and you can see he is coming along well. I reckon at the rate they are going they are going to be pushing through and completing all the Primarchs!

Which is your favourite from their recent haul?

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