Dream Pod 9 Send In The Southern Armour For Heavy Gear

July 9, 2013 by brennon

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The Southern forces are getting reinforced with even more vehicles from Dream Pod 9 that will be out on July 15th. Check them out below in all their cannon firing glory...

Hetairoi Long Fang

Hetairoi Spark

First up we have the Long Fang and the Spark. The Long Fang is equipped with a light field cannon and is a highly mobile, able to skirt around the battlefield looking for the best shot. The Spark comes with a Heavy Particle Accelerator and a battery of rockets for some heavy duty damage.


The Ostrogoth is another interesting addition and this one isn't hovering. It's heavy field gun is perfect for long range bombardments and I can imagine that if it was hovering it would shoot back across the battlefield from the force of the shot!

Some neat looking tanks once again for Heavy Gear and a mighty reinforcement for the forces of the South.

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