Drohne Incursion!

February 27, 2011 by beerogre

I'm a big fan of Secrets of the Third Reich by West Wind Productions. I have a load of stuff, and if I'm honest, it's my latest addiction.

So, I went all weak at the knees when I saw the announcement of the latest Drohne model from Grindhouse Games, who make the Secrets models for the Incursion boardgame.

These mechanical monsters are created from Germany's greated soldiers, who have their brains mounted into robotic chassis and equipped with a set of twin-linked light machineguns and thrashing metallic claws... these truely are terrifying opponents!

In the game, a unit of Drohnes combine a savage amount of firepower with fearsome close combat ability and heavy armour... all in one cost effective package.

There is a down side of course. They tend to short out if you give them too much instruction, but if you just let them run riot, they can be a very effective anti-infantry unit.

What do you guys think?

Are you interested in Secrets of the Third Reich or Incursion?

Have you played either of them?

BoW Andy

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