Dystopian Wars Shakes At the Arrival of Armoured Clash

February 19, 2013 by dracs

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Dystopian Wars, that great game of Victorian sci-fi warfare is expanding the battles taking place on land with their new rule set Armoured Clash!

Armoured Clash

Now Dystopian Wars has always been famous for the ways in which the game can take place on either land, sea or in the air, but Armoured Clash seeks to expand the mechanized combat going on upon terra firma. These new rules will help you to field mighty forces of mega-tanks and other steampunk style war machines.

Armoured Clash Game

"Our new set of fast-paced game rules take the world of Dystopian Wars to a whole new level of ground warfare and Commanders are called upon to employ a new military doctrine to win their games. Players will need to use decisive tactics as they command Brigades (or even Divisions!) or armour, looking to be victorious in some of the most pivotal land battles the Dystopian Wars world has ever seen."

These rules are available to download free from Spartan Games. they are still being fully developed so be sure to get playing and send in your feedback to this address: [email protected]

Be sure to let us know what you think of it too!

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