Firestorm Armada Faces the Oroshan’s Might

February 16, 2012 by dracs

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Spartan Games have previewed a new race which will be joining in the inter-galactic  warfare of Firestorm Armada. The Oroshans!

Oroshan Reaper Class Battleship

"For a millennia the Oroshan Imperium has lingered in despair. Lost in the vastness of space, this nomadic race is a danger to any space faring vessel they encounter."

Oroshan Defiler Class Cruiseship

Oroshan Defiler Class Cruiseship Underside

Oroshan Riever Class Frigate

This race of nomadic mercenaries will a great addition to Firestorm Armada and the ships themselves look to be some very interesting pieces.

Do any of you who play Firestorm Armada have any views on how you think this latest force will play? Any one think they might pick up a fleet of these guys?

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