Flee From Ramshackle’s Alien Tentacle Brains

July 3, 2013 by brennon

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Ramshackle Games do come up with some odd miniatures and this latest set isn't any different. Check out their odd yet somewhat enthralling Tentacle Brains for use in Sci-Fi gaming...

Tentacle Brains #1

Tentacle Brains #2

These strange little creations could be an odd life form from another world or something that has crawled from the depths of our own planet, hiding through a deadly nuclear apocalypse and surfacing to take back 'their' world!

They could also be awesome fodder for a role-playing game like Gamma World. The gribbly look is one that is always fun to play around with and I think they have got a neat set here.

Maybe you could even work this into your Tau Empire army in some way? A race that has been absorbed into the Empire for The Greater Good.

What do you think?

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