Get Frothing Over Tank Girl in The Next Frothers’ Charity Thingy

December 3, 2013 by dracs

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It's time once again for miniatures to make money for charity as The Next Frothers' Charity Thingy begins to get underway. We have just seen the first sculpt which will be appearing, an awesome rendition of Booga from the comic Tank Girl.


Booga 2

Booga 3

Booga 4

Booga 5

Booga Scale

Booga is a mutant Kangaroo and the boyfriend of the comic's titular character Tank Girl (yeah it is a really weird comic), but here they have brilliantly captured the style of the character with a crisp, clean and very well done miniature.

Apparently we can look forward to seeing Tank Girl herself as well I am definitely looking forward to seeing how these characters are conveyed.

Will you get frothing over these minis for charity?

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