Hasslefree Unveil the Short Soldiers of the Weird World War

April 7, 2013 by dracs

Hasslefree have a new range on their site, an army of Russian style soldiers who are a bit shorter and more bearded than the usual front line troops of WWI.

Kolektiv Machine Gun Team

Kolektiv Peaked hats

Kolektiv Foot Troopers

Kolektiv Cossack Heads

Kolektiv Mounted Troopers

These short soldiers are the army of the Kolektiv (heh, see what they did there?) and will make for a fun addition to all sorts of Weird World War games, though they specifically look suited to a World War I setting.

The sculpts themselves convey a lot of character and I particularly like the faces, which to me blend the standard aesthetic of dwarfs and WWI style together brilliantly.

Will you stand knee cap to shoulder with Hasslefree's new army of dwarfs?

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