I.G. Jane

December 27, 2010 by beerogre

I hope everyone had a good holiday... but tell me... have you got some pressie money burning a hole in your pocket?

Well here's something I found courtesy of our Australian friends at Laughing Monk Miniatures.


I've noticed on a few forums, that fans of a certain 40K faction have been crying out for some ladies to join the ranks of their "Imperial Cannon-Fodder", and while there have been a number of attempts at making some female I.G. style troopers, to date, these are the best I've seen.

If you're interested, these conversion kits are available now from Shadowforge Miniatures. Also check out their Sci-Fi section where there is a range of other ladies too.


However, due to the holiday period, local stockists of the Laughing Monk and Shadowforge range probably won't have any in stock until the new year.

Time to spend our way out of recession... buy toy soldiers!

BoW Andy

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