Lead Adventure Arm the Post-Apocalyptic Troopers

March 20, 2012 by brennon

Lead Adventures have posted more images of their upcoming models, this time with a Sci-Fi twist. Check out these Post-Apocalyptic Soldiers which are looking characteristically great from them...

Post Apocalyptic Soldiers

Rocket Launcher Trooper

Spec Ops Trooper

Covered in the kit needed for the wastelands and armed to the teeth, these troopers would be a match for whatever they found out there in the tainted cities of the near future. But if your looking for something a little different then how about these previews of some upcoming firemen?

Fireman with Axe

Fireman with Uzi

Now these are some great looking original miniatures. Perfect for a zombie based tabletop game perhaps? You could certainly see these firemen fighting their way free of a zombie apocalypse.

Liking any of these models enough to add them to your collection?

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