Maow Release a Feline Felon in Spaaaaaaace!

June 11, 2013 by dracs

You've heard of pigs in spaace, now it's time for cats in space with Maow latest sculpt; the space pirate cat Chalbator.

Maow Chalbator

Maow Chalbator Back

Aww look at the little space cat pirate, it's so cute a fluffy and could probably kick my ass.

The sculpt is an awesome display piece, easily conveying a sense of cartoon villainy which we all knew from some tv show in our youth. I say display piece as I find it hard to think of a practical use for the kitty. Except perhaps to make internet vids.

The sculpt looks to be inspired by a Saturday morning kids' cartoon and indeed this does seem to be the case. Problem is I don't recognise him so I can't easily find out where he's from. If you know please drop us a comment below.

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