MaxMini’s Female Guerrillas are Released into the Jungle

January 10, 2014 by dracs

MaxMini have now released their long awaited reinforcements for their Female Guerrilla fighters, meaning you can now build a full unit of these jungle fighters.

Guerrilla Reinforcements

It is great to see these fully painted up now, they look way more interesting then the sculpts and WIPs we have seen of them previously.

MaxMini have also restocked the original Jane and Anne miniatures and are considering bringing the Female Guerrilla fighters out in a single box set.

Guerrilla Fighters

Including a unit of these ladies in your army would make for a cool elite force, perfect to have a narrative built around them and breaking up the monotony of having an army of uniform men who all look alike.

Are you going to reinforce your army with MaxMini's minis?

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