Miniatures of the North Head Out into the Desert

March 19, 2013 by dracs

Miniatures of the North have previewed some newly sculpted miniatures for a new selection of desert insurgents.

Desert Insurgent 1

Desert Insurgent 2

Although they are still currently WIP these miniatures are certainly off to a good start. I am sure many would agree with me in thinking that they might make a good alternative for creating a desert themed sci-fi army.

Desert Insurgent Heads

Personally, I would be tempted to use these to make an Imperial Guard army based around the Freman forces of Paul Atreides from the novel Dune (also known as THE BEST SCI-FI NOVEL EVER WRITTEN EVER). Just a bit of conversion work to make their clothes look like stillsuits and I'll be ready to take on as many Harkonnens as you can send at me.

When these are ready they should hopefully appear at Anvil Industry. Will you pick up a force of desert insurgents?

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