Model Spotlight: Jerboa

November 23, 2011 by beerogre

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NuCoal’s only locally produced recon Gear, the Jerboa started its design life as an experimental racing Gear based off of the Northern Ferret Gear. The experimental upgrades proved to be disastrous, and Verton Tech, the Jerboa’s manufacturer, built the Jerboa from ground up. The light Gear falls in a class between a dedicated recon Gear and a light trooper Gear. Jerboas can be found in dedicated recon and fire support squads.

Jerboa - Standard Load Out

Variants: The Jerboa has five standard configurations. Most of these configurations are variations of the Gear’s electronic warfare capabilities. The Fist and Paratrooper models include weapons upgrade and in the case of the Paratrooper model, air drop capabilities are added.

Jerboa - Parratrooper

Jerboa - Fist

Jerboa - Sentry

Jerboa - Flash

Jerboa - Ground-Mode

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