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Finecast In The Spotlight


Warren and Darrell have a look at some of the new Finecast models from Games Workshop and give us their thoughts... not that Darrell has many...

Sisters of Battle… do they make good allies in 6th Edition 40K?


The guys are asked a question about Sisters of Battle, but do they make better allies in the new 40K edition than they do a main force?

An Update on Kings of War


We couldn't have Ronnie Renton in the studio and not ask about the current state of the Kings of War range. So, true to his word, Ronnie gave us some updates and cool art to show you guys.

What’s Happening to Warpath?


With all the excitement around Dreadball and Kings of War, Warpath has seemed to slip off the radar. We get a chance to pin Ronnie down about the future of the Mantic sci-fi battle game.

Flames of War: Devils Charge Reviewed


The guys take a look at the latest Flames of War source book... Devil's Charge!

Codex Spotlight: Blood Angels in 6th Edition


Have the Blood Angels really taken such a big jump forward in 6th Edition? The guys discuss the changes.

Codex Spotlight: Space Wolves in 6th Edition


They're Darrell's favourite, but have they really taken a leap to the top of the competitive table, or is it just that the usual tournament lists have taken a hit?

Iron Kingdoms RPG Reviewed!


The Iron Kingdoms RPG is ready, so Justin & Andy take a look at this eagerly awaited addition to the Privateer Press gaming family.

What’s in the Codex: Sisters of Battle?


We haven't really looked at the contents of the Sisters of Battle Codex before, so what started out as a preview discussion, became a full review... enjoy!

Know Your Enemy Flames of War


Darrell and Sam look at the new book from Flames of War.

Could this be the Best List for Tyranids in 6th Edition?


Darrell & Andy are living up to their forum promise to mine the Tyranid Codex for a cheesy list to use for 6th edition... could this be it?

Kings of War Hardback Reviewed


The Kings of War hardback edition rulebook has just hit the shelves... what do the guys think of it?

Warhammer 40K 6th Edition – First Review


We've been up all night with 6th Edition 40K and Warren and Darrell are ready to give you their first impressions.

Empire of the Dead Book Review


In the shadows of 1888 four faction's battle for superiority of London bringing every kind of weapon you can imagine from the humble cricket bat right up to a mighty steam cannon, are you ready for the latest mad creation from west wind?

First Look: Warmachine Colossals


Ben & Justin have a sneak peek inside the book at what your going to be getting on a table top near you with Warmachine Colossals!

How to Play Dark Age: Close Combat


Now we come to Darrell's favorite part of a turn in the Dark Age system, Close Combat!

How to Play Dark Age: Moving & Shooting


Darrell & Justin move on and show you how to Move and Shoot in a game of Dark Age, as well as the balance in picking what actions you use depending on there order.

Darrell & Justin Have a Look at Dark Age


Darrell drags Justin out of the editing suite and into the bright lights of the studio to take a look at Dark Age. Will this Post-Apocalyptic game be the next big thing with us?

Just what is DUST Warfare?


Warren & Darrell take a look at the cool new Weird World War battle game... DUST Warfare... check it out!

Saga… Dark Age Skirmishing from Gripping Beast


Darrell and Andy discuss the latest Dark Age skirmish game to come from Gripping Beast... SAGA.

Kings of War… Hardback Edition


Ronnie and Andy talk about the new edition of the Kings of War game... this time it'll be in Hardback!

Veer-Myn by Mantic Games… Revealed!


Ronnie Renton, CEO and driving force behind Mantic Games, sits down with Andy to discuss the Veer-Myn faction for Warpath and their army list.

Blood, Guts & Glory… The Latest Flames of War Expansion!


Andy & Darrell discuss the latest expansion book from Flames of War... Blood, Guts & Glory... and take a look at the new Tank Aces campaign rules.

Flames of War 3rd Edition… have you got it yet?


Andy & Darrell have been reading Flames of War 3rd Edition and it seems to have captured their imagination. What do you think of the updated rules?

Force on Force… the latest in Modern Combat


Darrell and Andy discuss Force on Force a game of modern combat.

Perfect Storm: The NuCoal Field Guide in the Spotlight


Darrell & Andy take a good hard look at the NuCoal Field Guide and give you their take on this new directino fro Heavy Gear: Blitz.

Blood Knights & More! Rare Units of the Vampire Counts


Darrell and Andy take a look at the Rare Units from the Vampire Counts Army Book... what unspeakable horror await them within?

Lore of Vampires, Vampiric Powers and Magical Items


Darrell and Andy take a look at the brand new Lore of Vampires, Vampiric Powers and the Magical items in the new Vampire Counts Army Book... will there be any that take their interest.

Special Units for the New Vampire Counts


Darrell and Andy raid the tombs that spawn the Special Units for the Vampire Counts Army.

Hordes of the Undead! The Core Units of the Vampire Counts


Andy and Darrell examine the shambling hordes that will bring terror to your opponent by taking a look at the Core Units from the Vampire Counts Army Book.

Vampire Counts Named Characters


Andy and Darrell take a look at the named characters from the new Vampire Counts Army Book.

Where Owls are Like Dragons! Mouse Guard the RPG


Andy and Darrell check out the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game, a great way to get kids into RPGs.

35pt Cryx Army by Declan Lowry


Declan has sent Andy a 35pt list to run a critical eye over... let's see what he thinks.

Discussing the 5th Edition Necron FAQ


Andy & Darrell take a look at the latest FAQ for the Necron Codex.

Kings of War 2nd Edition: In the Spotlight


Andy and Darrell take a look at the 2nd edition of the Kings of War rules and see what has been updated and changed.

Black Powder in the Spotlight


Andy and Darrell take a look through what is probably one of the premier historical game systems on the market at the moment... Black Powder from Warlord Games.

Tau Codex in the Spotlight


Darrell and Andy take a scathing look through the Tau Codex and discuss what they need to improve... for the greater good!

How to Take On Necrons (Dark Eldar & Grey Knights)


Darrell and Andy look at a couple of the more recent Codex and what you really want to take when your facing off against the New Necrons.

Condottiere in the Spotlight


Andy and Darrell take a look at the latest rules from Wargames Foundry... the historical romp... Condottiere!

NEW!!! Hordes Domination: Thornfall Alliance


Andy & Darrell look at the Minions section of the new Hordes: Domination book and discuss the Thornfall Alliance.

NEW!!! Hordes Domination: Skorne


Andy and Darrell continue discuss the new Hordes: Domination book. Today we get a look at what painful additions the Skorne players will be getting there hands on.

Model Spotlight: NuCoal Infantry & Mounted Infantry


As well as Gears & Tanks NuCoal forces utilize regular human infantry and the mysterious Sand Riders.

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