Going Offroad with the new Junker Quad from Urban War

February 10, 2012 by beerogre

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Here's the latest release for Urban War... the Junker Dune Raider!

This armoured Quad-Bike is ready yo take on all comers, but here's what the guys at Urban Mammoth have to say about it:

Dune Raider units are equipped with rugged quad bikes that are usually fitted with heavily modified versions of standard infantry weapons. These legionaries are generally employed for scouting out enemy positions, harrying isolated pockets of enemy resistance and providing support to the slower foot based elements of the army. These fast attack elements of the Junker Legions also have a well-deserved reputation for depravity, and mobile strike forces are often detailed off to pillage and despoil regions deep within enemy territory.

As is the norm in the Legions, Dune Raider Decurions have gained their rank through merit and many hard fought battles. They invariably lead from the front and will always be found in the thick of the fighting, or hunting out the richest loot.

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