“Prussonian” Astra Militarum Army VLOG Part 30

February 27, 2018 by johnlyons

Hello everybody! Today's vlog is for everybody as the Prussonians are getting some real fancy transport!

As you guys can see, I am still busy working away on getting everybody up to the same level before jumping in with some new areas to work on.

I'm much happier with the wash on the infantry now that I have thinned it down with the mixing medium. They still look shaded but not as "dirty" But don't worry, I have a feeling the highlighting will bring their contrast back up.

And then we get onto creating the outlines for the Prussonians own Battle Foam trays! The pressure starts now to complete the army and have it ready for its first journey to the Prague 40k Open.

Anybody out there using custom Battle Foam trays? What do you think of the army so far? Let me know in the comments below.

To Check Out Battle Foam's Range, Click Here

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