Take in the Scenery of Spartan Scenics

May 22, 2013 by dracs

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This June sees Spartan Games head off in a new direction with their products, namely their new range of HDF and acrylic terrain which they are calling Spartan Scenics!

Spartan Scenics Starter Set

The first starter set is now up for pre-order and will allow you to create all manner of corridors, buildings and platforms, perfect for many different sci-fi games.

It can also be combined with the other Spartan Scenics pieces currently available, allowing you to create a load of towers, buildings for your minis to clamber over, in and around. Add to these some nice accessories and you can make some pretty cool scenarios and locations.

Spartan Scenics CombinedCombining the Starter Set (red), Towers & Platforms Set (blue), Corridor Set (green), Room Set (yellow) and Door Set (grey)

Spartan Scenics Med Lab Accessories

Spartan Scenics Comms Centre

Spartan have released a couple of shots displaying the terrain pieces in use and it is looking like they could be promising additions to the 28mm tabletop.

Spartan Scenics 1

Spartan Scenics 2

Spartan Scenics 3

Spartan Scenics 4

There's even a space ship, available in different scales so it can be either an objective or the centre piece of the entire battle!

Spartan Scenics Space Ships

Is your tabletop going to look a little Spartan?

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