Send In The Tiny Pangalactic Legion Shock Troopers!

April 6, 2013 by brennon

Rebel Minis always have a fine selection of smaller scale miniatures on their web store and this weekend is no different. Check out the Manth Command & Heavy Weapon Pack and the Pangalactic Legion Shock Troopers...

Manth Command & Heavy Weapon Pack

Pangalactic Legion Shock Troopers

While the Manth are cool and all I think the real gem here is that Shock Trooper pack. I love the armour, the different skin tones and the long bladed weapons on their hands. I bet this would look absolutely amazing as a 28mm squad.

As they stand though if you're looking for a unit to represent close combat fighters in smaller scale games then I would pick them up.

Thinking of the previous article and the Enforcers, they do kind of remind me of them!

Will you be adding a new alien race to your collection?

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