Don’t Shake Hands with MaxMini

October 11, 2012 by dracs

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MaxMini have published the 3D renders of their upcoming cybernetic power fists. These things look ready to punch through a wall and anyone who might be standing behind it.

MaxMini -Power Fists

These designs have a nice mix of the mechanical and the cybernetic, all held together by the a really evil looking (and spiky) design style.

The grinning skull face on the first arm makes me think that it might be best suited for a hero character, it being the most flamboyant of the three designs. The cybernetic design in the middle is, to me at least, the most menacing of the designs. With the pipe running into the skin and the spikes jutting from the shoulder, it just looks painful!

Would any of you allow MaxMini to give your miniatures a hand?

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