Spartan Games Preview More from Marauders of the Rift

August 14, 2012 by brennon

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With Marauders of the Rift on the way, Firestorm Armada from Spartan Games is going to get a whole lot more crowded. This obviously means more miniatures, and there are some awesome looking things on the horizon.

The Syndicate - Modular Way Station

The Syndicate - Modular Way Station (Alternative Set Up)

First up are The Syndicate who have access to this quite frankly amazing Modular Way Station. This looks like a seriously amazing piece of kit that would make any gaming table pop. But they don't just have access to Space Stations. Check out their ships too...

The Syndicate – Phantom Class Battleship

The Syndicate – Spur Class Heavy Cruiser

Sleek and sharp, their delicate and clean exterior hiding the deadly amount of firepower they can bring to bear on the enemy. Each ship is packed with all sorts of weapons including rail guns and much more.

Pathogen X9-V Infected Battleship

Pathogen X9-V Infected Escort

If you fancy your deadly alien viruses then how about checking out these ships for the Pathogen X9-V fleet. No ship is safe from this deadly toxin as the story HERE shows...

OmniDyne – Foundry Class Dreadnought

OmniDyne on the other hand have a small but formidable fleet that thrives on conflict. The company is a seller of weaponry to whoever is interested, no questions asked. War is good for OmniDyne, regardless of the combatants.

This is just a taster of whats coming in the future for Firestorm Armada.

What faction is your favourite so far?

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