Spartan Preview The Swarm Heading For Planetfall

September 17, 2013 by brennon

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Spartan Games have previewed another of the forces coming to Planetfall. This time they are looking at the arachnid Relthoza and their strange and wonderful weapons of war...

The Relthoza – Heavy Walker

The Relthoza #1

The Relthoza #2

The Relthoza – Warrior

As you can see they have a style that is very different from the rest of the tanks we have already seen. The Relthoza in the background are meant to be huge aliens so their vehicles were always going to be crazy. Some of them are just huge mech suits for them to walk into battle in.

As well as the big walkers there are also their army of smaller drones ready to do their bidding across the battlefield. This looks like a neat original army with some great design choices too.

They seem to just be adding to the awesome!

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