Star Wars Legion – Space Station interior table // Part 1

April 17, 2018 by johnlyons

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On to a new project today! I am starting to put together an awesome space station interior or use in Star Wars Legion. This build uses the amazing range of terrain products from Battle Systems which all clips together to really give me some freedom in the layout and design of the interior.

As you can see I have modified and somewhat "completed" the basic layout and beginning to add some height in some areas.

I love the idea of the clean "facade" that turns into darker, more gritty interior the further into the station you go. It really plays to the hidden rebel outpost narrative we are aiming or.

My favorite part so far has to be the three launch bays. I am hoping to have more Xwings hidden away here to really give a reason for the rebels to have forces here. Perhaps they are guarding them? Or are they out of range of a fleet and staying here until a friendly ship comes close? Maybe they are a raiding party who attack Imperial cargo shuttles!

Click here to watch the entire Project

Let me know in the comments what you think of the narrative and the table layout so far. We have tons more we want to do so please get your ideas and suggestions down below!

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