Get Started In Firestorm Armada With A Free Rulebook Download!

January 29, 2013 by brennon

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If you've ever had a passing interest in the world of Firestorm Armada by Spartan Games then this might turn it into a full fledged love. The folks behind the game have decided to put the rule book up for free as a PDF!

Firestorm Armada Rulebook

Spartan Games have always prided themselves on having games that are both fun to play and follow the philosophy of 'Easy to Learn, Hard to Master' and Firestorm Armada certainly follows in that vein. Added to that the models look utterly astounding.

Talking of models they are hoping to capitalise on your shiny syndrome by introducing a selection of fleet bundles too so once you've read the rules you can get all the things you need in one easy package.

RSN Mega Bundle

RSN Starter Bundle

Ba'Kash Bundle

Above is the RSN Mega Bundle, Starter Bundle and also one for the Ba'Kash. Both of these fleets are favourites within the community and its easy to see why.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the rules from the link HERE and get started in Firestorm Armada!

Have you played the game and if so what do you think?

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