Step By Step Infinity Painting Guide With Angel Giraldez

April 12, 2013 by crew



You already know Ángel, a man of few words who prefers to show his work and let you learn by just looking at the pictures of his masterpieces. Like the flash-new Infinity citizens can download in their comlogs, Ángel’s advice is brief and direct, and that’s the style of his Visual Painting Guides! Learn and enjoy!

It is said the Infinity look is clear and shiny, possessing a hi-tech style, and that’s often true but not always. Because the Infinity background includes the Ariadnans, tough colonists who live isolated on a hostile planet. With their technology grounded in the 21st century, the Ariadnans have a more militaristic, retro look, which pleases contemporary militaria lovers.

The release of the Ariadnan Scots Guard with Missile Launcher is a good chance to find out which techniques Ángel uses to paint camouflage patterns. The Scots Guard uses a camouflage pattern based on large color spots covered by small dots of different colors, a technique used to break up the silhouette of its wearer. To paint camouflage patterns on an Infinity model is not easy, as you need to keep the camouflage effect, but avoid breaking the silhouette or the model will not be able to be seen on the table top! Let’s see how Ángel solves this!

1) We apply 3 thin layers of GW primer.

Step 1

2) Using the airbrush, we apply the base color with a mixture of Old Wood (Panzer Aces Vallejo) and Dark Sand (Model Color Vallejo).

Step 2

3) To apply the first light coat we use the airbrush again with Dark Sand (MC Vallejo).

Step 3

4) The first camouflage spots are applied with Flat Brown (MC Vallejo).

Step 4

5) To make the second camouflage spots we use Military Green (MC Vallejo).

Step 5

6) The first dots of the camouflage pattern are applied using a mixture of Golden Olive (MC Vallejo) + Military Green (MC Vallejo).

Step 6

7) Now, we make more dots using a mixture of Golden Olive (MC Vallejo) + Dark Sand (MC Vallejo).

Step 7

8 ) and 9) We again paint more dots using the previous colors, adding some more dots with Flat Brown (MC Vallejo). We also paint the base color of the model.

Step 8

Step 9

10), 11) and 12) Using the airbrush we apply some shadows with a mixture of Chocolate Brown (MC Vallejo) + Black (MC Vallejo). Deeper creases are painted using a brush.

Step 10

Step 11

Step 12


Caledonia is the Highlander territory of Ariadna. A land of clans, rich in Teseum, inhabited by a warrior people who are quick to anger and engage in violence, defending the Northern Frontier from Antipode attacks and incursions by the greedy corporations and powers of the rest of the Human Sphere.

There is nothing more characteristic about the Highlanders than their tartans. The tartan is a particular pattern of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in varied colors. Each Caledonian clan has its own tartan, and the Highlander military units also have their own.

The release of the Ariadnan Scots Guard has given Ángel the chance to make a Visual Painting Guide about tartans. Hold your brushes, this is not Brigadoon!

13) We paint the base color with a mixture of German Cam. (Model Color Vallejo) + Orange Ochre (Model Color Vallejo).

Step 13

14) to 17) We paint horizontal and vertical lines with Field Drab (MC Vallejo).

Step 14

Step 15

Step 16

Step 17

18) and 19) Using Black (MC Vallejo) we paint a square in the junction of the horizontal and vertical lines.

Step 18

Step 19

20) and 21) We paint very thin white and red lines.

Step 20

Step 21

22) to 24) To finish the tartan, we apply shadows using a mixture of Chocolate Brown (MC Vallejo) and a small amount of Black (MC Vallejo)

Step 22

Step 23

Step 24

Thanks Angel! And there you have it, a twenty four step guide to painting the fantastic looking Highlander with his camouflage jacket with tartan lining. You've seen how Angel does it so now it's your chance.

We'd love to see your Infinity miniatures either below in the comments section of feature in Minirama so get painting and show us your skills. I'll add some of my own I think even though they don't match up to Angel's work!

Angel Giraldez Facebook Page

As well as painting from the community we're also love for any other high class painters to get in contact with us. With painting such a big part of our hobby it's always good to have a helping hand!

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