A Storm Is Coming With The Firestorm Armada Boxed Set

October 29, 2013 by brennon

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Firestorm Armada is coming back with a bang from Spartan Games and this means a nice big set of miniatures for you to get going with. That is where Storm Zone: Battle for Valhalla comes in and it looks very swish indeed.

Storm Zone Battle Box

This set has been developed to allow two people to get into the world of Firestorm Armada with a Terran and Dindrenzi fleet clashing over the research facility at the heart of the game.



Valhalla Research Facility

The game teaches you the mechanics of the game over a selection of different scenarios meaning that you will be working things out steadily. As well as the models you also get a very nice looking hardback rulebook, tokens, and dice so you can actually play your game.

I have been on the fence about this game for a while now. The only fleet that appeals to me imagery wise is the Terran one but I do have a massive soft spot for Uncharted Seas over this space based shenanigans.

I'm sure for someone who is looking to get involved with the world of Firestorm however this will be the set to pick up.


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