New Tau Empire Errata – A Storm in a Tau Cup?

April 6, 2013 by stuart

Just when you thought it was safe to play your army straight from the Codex on the day of launch... ta da!

This is going to cause a mixture of reactions in the community. Its only a small update, but released on launch day (and a troubled launch at that) and coming on the heels of the Dark Angels debacle, is this another 'nail in the coffin' or is it the makings of a 'storm in a tau cup'?

GW has the ability to polarise opinion like no other manufacturer in the hobby. For some (myself included) I'd far rather that mistakes in the Codex are identified quickly and brought to the attention of the community than go unaddressed for months or years. But should the company who state 'The products we make for our customers are the best in the wargaming world' be releasing something with a known  flaw, however small?

Whether or not you think it indicates a lapse in quality control or not, it looks like the FAQ was a little rushed - it refers to Chaos Space Marines!

Let the conversation begin!

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