Zyclops for When the Navy Walked

April 9, 2011 by beerogre

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When the Navy Walkedis a 15mm steampunk wargame based around a Victorian/science romance backdrop. There are 10 armies in the book, with more expansions planned, but  here's what the creators have to say about it...

WTNW introduces an expanding universal setting, of a Steampunk Victorian-era science-fiction genre, yet with a multitude of highly advanced alternate technology elements to offer the player a multi-dimensional experience.

Start with the miniature gaming system, which is based on a new ruleS engine which uses large unit forces to allow strategic-level planning. The WTNW system uses rank and file gameplay featuring an innovative command feature that allows players a simultaneous combat experience. WTNW is a fast-paced style wargame, complete with mishaps and other types of non-reliability, similar to what's found in Steampunk.

The WTNW system is not an 'I-go-you-go' rule set, but is rather a phased movement and action system where units are activated based on command values. Combat (hits and damage) are still resolved by die roll of a D6.

The guys at WTNW have just released some pictures of their latest creation... the British Zyclops...

Watch out for their upcoming expansion sets, Conflict on Mars and Airpirates.

This will be one I'll be keen to keep an eye on.

BoW Andy

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